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On January 6, 2016, the WFN Council approved to extend their many existing services it already provides to the members of the Whapmagoostui First Nation by allowing the public to use its existing gas service outlet at the WFN Garage.

As an extended courtesy, the Gasoline Program will deliver meaningful support to individuals and families that continue sustain themselves through hunting, fishing and other traditional activities.

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💁‍♀️💁‍♂️Following the arrival of the Pfizer vaccines in Nunavik, the vaccination of 5-11-year-old children protecting against Covid-19 can officially begin throughout the region!🎄📆Here are the dates for the vaccination blitz before Christmas. This blitz is for everyone who wants to get vaccinated, including 5-11-year-olds. ⚠️Please note that the official schedule including hours and location will be shared on the Facebook groups of each community.🩺For now, the weekly vaccination each Thursday at the CLSC/Nursing Station is maintained for people over 12 y-old. Vaccination of 5-11-y-old children will follow the same weekly schedule after the blitz for each community. _____________________________💁‍♀️💁‍♂️Suite à l'arrivée des vaccins pédiatriques Pfizer sur le territoire, la vaccination des enfants peut officiellement débuter pour l’ensemble de la région!🎄📆Le tableau suivant présente les dates du blitz vaccinal de l’Avent pour chaque communauté. Ce blitz concerne la vaccination des enfants mais également celle de la population générale. Ainsi, toutes personnes désirant se faire vacciner pourra le faire pendant ces périodes.⚠️Prendre note que les calendriers officiels incluant les heures ainsi que les lieux de vaccination seront partagés sur les groupes Facebook de chaque communauté.🩺Pour l’instant, la vaccination hebdomadaire tenue chaque jeudi dans les CLSC/Nursing station est maintenue pour toutes personnes âgées de 12 ans et plus. La vaccination des enfants âgés entre 5 et 11 ans suivra ce même horaire une fois que les blitz de chaque communauté auront été entamés. ...
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EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Whapmagoostui First Nation Corporation cordially invites you to submit your resume/cv to the Director of Human Resources, Frances Kawapit, for the position of Sanitation Worker. For more information, you can contact her at her office: 819 929 3384 ex: 231 or via her email: fkawapit@whapmagoostuifn.ca or humanresources@whapmagoostuifn.ca. Whapmagoostui First Nation Corporation. ...
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PUBLIC NOTICE: Chief David Masty Administration Building (Band Office) will resume operations on the morning of Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 at 9:00 am. Whapmagoostui First Nation Corporation. ...
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