Chief’s word

As Whapmagoostui Eeyouch, we fully express our heartfelt gratitude for all the many blessings we receive in our traditional territory. To all the Leaders of the past, today and tomorrow; we honor and salute you.

If you have not been to Whapmagoostui, you are missing the true beauty of Cree hospitality and generosity. We are home to approximately 960 Cree and 740 Inuit; a one of kind Community where the Cree and Inuit have always coexisted and lived in harmony for hundreds of years. To many of our guest, we are greatly known as the “Twin” Communities of James Bay-Nunavik where we can be found just north of the 55thparallel on the shores of the beautiful eastern Hudson Bay Coast.

Whapmagoostui means the Place of the Whales. Kuujjuaraapik means the Little Big River. Our communities are also known as the Great Whale River in English and Grand Baliene in French.

If you have been seeking the adventure of a lifetime or wish to embark on a unique journey where both the Eeyou and Inuit cultures can provide great significance, you are encouraged and more than welcomed to visit us. The magnificent scenery surely can not be expressed through words for you have to set foot to witness the spectacles of the majestic North.

Our home has many unique places where you will see the northern forest integrate with rugged arctic tundra, mountains that rise from the sea level to up to 1200 feet, vitalizing beaches, the mystical Mintonuk Islands, the superb Great Whale River which is the last of the vanishing mighty rivers that is untamed in the Traditional Territory of the Cree. We rightfully claim that we have no other river in Eeyou Itchee that has world class rapids, fishing and hunting spots.

We have long preserved our historical-ancestral cultural values where sustaining the land is our utmost priority. We are proud of the unique landscapes and cross cultural events, more importantly; the river is our lifeline and will forever preserve it. Like many First Nations throughout our country, we find balance and adapt to technological trends and economic opportunities to ensuing we continue to build a prosperous, innovative and vibrant community.

Although we may seem secluded and known to long cold winter nights and long days during the summer, the cultural and recreational opportunities are endless. All Terrain Vehicle and Ski-doo trails, hiking and snowshoeing trails, kayak and canoe excursions, state of the art recreational facilities that can host a wide range and variety of sporting or cultural events. We are also just within the doorsteps of Tursujaq National Park which is one of North Americas largest, 6.1 million acres of captivating adventures just waiting to be experienced.

Stanley George

Chief, Whapmagoostui First Nation



As defined in the in the Cree-Naskapi (of Quebec) Act S.C. 1983-84, c.12 (Act); a legal entity duly incorporated pursuant to the Act, having its head office in Whapmagoostui, Quebec, herein acting and being represented by its Chief and Council to;

  • to act as the local government authority on its Category IA or IA-N land;
  • to use, manage, administer and regulate its Category IA or IA-N land and the natural resources thereof;
  • to control the disposition of rights and interests in its Category IA or IA-N land and in the natural resources thereof;
  • to regulate the use of buildings on its Category IA or IA-N land;
  • to use, manage and administer its moneys and other assets;
  • to promote the general welfare of the members of the band;
  • to promote and carry out community development and charitable works in the community;
  • to establish and administer services, programs and projects for members of the band, other residents of Category IA and IA-N land and residents of the Category III land referred to in paragraph 6(b);
  • to promote and preserve the culture, values and traditions of the Crees or Naskapis, as the case may be; and
  • to exercise the powers and carry out the duties conferred or imposed on the band or on its predecessor Indian Act band by any Act of Parliament or regulations made thereunder, and by the Agreements.



Instil Pride through Honour and Respect of our Identity


Mission Statement


As a Sovereign EEYOU Nation that lives in harmony with all creation and that has a strong cultural identity; we will ultimately achieve economic and social prosperity



  • To promote and enhance the mental and physical well being of our Members
  • To protect the integrity of our clients and members
  • To offer and ensure the highest quality of services and programs
  • Provide sustainable social and economic opportunities
  • Work in harmony with other entities and organizations for the benefit of the people
  • Ensure that we are transparent, accountable and act in a disciplined and ethical manner
  • Ensure Quality Control is our Top Priority to serve and protect our Citizenship

Corporate values

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Initiative
  • Commitment
  • Consistency
  • Efficiency
  • Innovate
  • Embrace
  • Integrity
  • Empower
  • Inspire
  • Enhance
  • Trust
  • Success
  • Teamwork