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September 12, 2018


RE: Request for Proposal – RFP # 2018-001

Design, construction and installation of a Sign – Administration Building


To Respondents:


You are invited to submit a proposal to the WFN, in accordance with the attached Request

for Proposal (RFP), to provide services relating to the design, build and installation of a

large sign in front of the Chief David Masty Administration Building.


This RFP provides interested and eligible companies and individuals that possess the

requisite experience and/or know-how in designing, building and installing large signs for

commercial or not-for-profit purposes with sufficient information to enable them to prepare

and submit proposals for consideration by the WFN.


Please direct any questions regarding this Invitation Letter to the undersigned. You may

not contact other WFN employees or members of the WFN Council unless directed to do

so by the undersigned. The WFN reserves the right to disqualify and reject proposals from

respondents who do not comply with the guidelines and requirements as described in

section 3 of the RFP. All questions should be submitted in writing to the email address

below or through the WFN’s official Facebook Page.


Only communications made to the undersigned, or such other representative as the WFN

may from time to time name, will be considered during the pre-contract proposal

submission period.


We look forward to receiving your response.


Yours sincerely,


Joshua J Kawapit

Information & Communications Officer

Whapmagoostui First Nation

Email address:

Tel: (819) 929-3384

Fax: (819) 929-3203

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Please fill out the survey at


Thank you

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April 17th, 2018



The Whapmagoostui First Nation Corporation announces the arrival of Mr. Yvon St-Pierre on April 25th, 2018 in Whapmagoostui.



Mr. St-Pierre was hired as a Broker/Negotiator by the Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou Istchee) Cree Nation Government in early March of 2018, after the regional government was informed of the high prices the Cree Nation and Organizations in Eeyou Istchee pay when purchasing any form of vehicle; car, truck, snowmobile and all-terrain vehicles in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue area.



Mr. St-Pierre, who has over 25 years experience in the automotive sector, will be visiting Whapmagoostui to do a community presentation of his services on the evening of his arrival, April 25th, 2018 from 6 :00 pm to 7 :00 pm at the WFN Sports Complex.


Everyone is more than welcome to participate, even if you did not intent to purchase a vehicle yourself, you can pass this important information to your family and friends.




For more information concerning the event, you can contact:


Joshua J Kawapit

Information and Communications Department

819-929-3384 ex: 224



To consult with Yvon St-Pierre, Broker/Negotiator, visit his website @ :



APRIL 6TH, 2018


The Organizational Restructure of Whapmagoostui First Nation (WFN)


In its meeting of 10 January 2018, the Whapmagoostui First Nation (“WFN”) government Council announced the approval of WFN Organizational Restructure. This initiative comes in line with the continuous efforts of improvement to better realign with the Cree Nation Government, for better efficiency and effective delivery of governmental, community and municipal services for Whapmagoostui.


The process started on 06 June 2016 when the Council convened an informal public engagement session with community members, which marked the beginning of a consultative process followed by several steps. In October 2016, a Strategic Planning Session allowed WFN managers and employees to actively contribute to the definition of future strategic orientations. The Council approved the strategic plan in its meeting of 14 November 2016 and, later on, also announced the organizational change in a Band meeting in 16 November 2017.


WFN Good Governance Bylaw 125 enacted since 7 July 2008 requires for consistent application of principles of fairness, openness, transparency, efficiency, responsibility and accountability in delivering local government services.


The process will unfold in two phases to improve organizational accountability:

  1. Redesign of high level management positions; and
  2. Improvement in lower level positions.

Benefits expected from the restructure

The reorganization will ensure the design of a business strategy that will enhance community and municipal services delivered to its citizens.

The overall strategy is to enable service divisions and its departments for:

  • equal workloads for management;
  • stronger internal efficiency to imbed management capability and responsibility;
  • compliance to and implementation of the various agreements signed by the Cree Nation Government with governments of Canada and Quebec;
  • enhanced management leadership, accountability and partnerships;
  • and enhanced reporting and use of Information Technology (IT), and public access to local government information;

Streamlined Organization

To realign organizational resources, the WFN is implementing a more integrated structure with the Cree Nation Government, regional service providers and partners that will reduce redundancy, overlap and increase operational efficiency to support the long-term growth strategy of the Cree Nation and its investments.

In addition, to speed up response time to community needs, changes are taken to increase management accountability and empowerment throughout the organization that will support Council’s commitment to business integrity.


Key Management Position Changes

The WFN is establishing a Communications and Information Officer position as it pertains to the goals of the WFN Communications Plan. Also, WFN is upgrading out-of-date key management positions with clearly defined roles that are adaptive and responsive to changes in the workplace.


New Positions Established
1 Communications and Information Officer
2 Director of Community Development;
3 Director of Community Programs
4 Director of Public Safety
5 Director of Housing


The WFN will increase emphasis on teamwork, communications and reporting across the organization to realize efficiencies with integrated resource and program planning with James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA) treaty entities, institutions, and local services providers:

  • Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay (CBHSSJB)
  • Cree School Board (CSB),
  • Cree Trappers Association (CTA),
  • Cree Native Arts and Crafts Association (CNACA),
  • Cree Outfitting Tourism Association (COTA), etc.

The changes will be reflected in a responsive organization aligned to effectively mobilize resources in parallel with other First Nations governments. It will also actively improve relations with all governmental and non-governmental organizations in Nunavik. To sustain growth, the WFN will ensure better service capabilities in selected core areas based on priorities of the community.


At the local level, WFN will also realign, at arms length, with its commercial and economic development subsidiaries and other partners to deliver a return on capital employed in projects that will create value for the community pursuant to its strategic goals.


Impact on Operational Reporting

As prescribed under the WFN good Governance Bylaw 125, the reporting function and duties of managers will improve since they will be more accountable to fully deliver on all their responsibilities. Furthermore, as a transparent local government, the reporting will facilitate public engagement and properly inform the public and improve public policy. Thus, increasing communication, transparency and accountability to the public.



Acknowledgement to past employees

It is trying times for the WFN. The organization wishes to acknowledge the employees who were part of a dedicated team serving the community for years since signing of the JBNQA.




For Further Information, please contact Chief Louisa Wynne


Or Deputy Chief John Shem





WFN Elections Results

April 4, 2018

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Press Release


 Jacob Dick, formally resigns as a Councillor for the Whapmagoostui First Nation




Whapmagoostui, Qc. February 13th, 2018. Whapmagoostui First Nations Chief and Council announced today that their affiliate, Mr. Jacob Dick, who was elected as one of seven councillors on March 2016, has formally resigned after twenty-three (23) months into his four-year term as councillor.


In his statement, Mr. Jacob Dick assured the Chief and Council that he would inform the members of Whapmagoostui himself, as to the cause of his resignation. While respecting his intention by obliging him that right, the Chief and Council would like to thank him for his service and dedication as a Councillor.


Mr. Jacob Dick’s portfolio was the responsibility of Cree Culture (Heritage) & Language; Recreation & Leisure and Education as a Councillor.


Since Mr. Jacob Dick’s departure, a By-Election is necessary to fill the vacant position of one regular Councillor. The scheduled dates of a Nomination Meeting will be held on February 26th, 2018 at the Whapmagoostui First Nation’s Sports Complex.


The Advanced Polls will be held on March 7th, 2018 at a place to be determined.


The Elections will be held on March 14th, 2018, also a place to be determined.


The Chief and Council have also announced the Nominations and Elections for the positions of a Cree Health Board Representative and 2 Board of Compensation Representatives will be concurrent as those for the regular Councillor.


ᐙᐱᒪᑯᔅᑐ  ᐆᒋᒫᐦᑲᓂᒡ  ᒋ  ᐐᑖᒫᑰᐙᐦᐅᒡ,  ᐆᒋᒪᐦᑳᓂᔅ  ᒑᑭᑉ  ᑎᒃ  ᐋᓂᑭᑎᒃ  ᐊᓂᔮ  ᒥᒋᓲᐲᓱᒻ 2016  ᑳ ᐆᑎᓈᑭᓅᑦ  ᓄᐤ  ᑎᐦᑎᐴᓐ  ᒑ  ᐄᑖᐱᑎᓰᑦ᙮   ᒑᑭᑉ  ᑎᒃ  ᒌ  ᐐᔭᐄᑑᒻ  ᒫᒃ  ᐐ  ᒑᒌ ᐐᑕᒫᑖᒄ  ᒑᐧᑳᔨᐤ  ᐙᒋ  ᓂᑭᑎᒃ  ᔕᔥ  ᓃᔅᑕᓅ   ᓂᔅᑑᓴᐳᐦ  ᑎᐦᑐ  ᐱᓯᒽ  ᐋᐦᒋ  ᐄᑖᐱᑎᓰᑦ  ᐆᒋᒫᐦᑲᓂᔅ᙮


ᐆᒋᒫᐦᑲᓂᔅ  ᒑᑭᑉ  ᑎᒃ  ᑳᓈᓈᑭᑎᔅᑖᑦ  ᐆᑖᐱᑐᓯᐦᐆᓐ  ᐐᐦᒡ:

  • ᐄᔨᔨᐤ ᐊᐦᑐᐧᐃᓂᔨᐤ  ᑭᔮᐦ  ᐄᔨᔨᐤ ᐋᔨᒧᐧᐃᓂᔨᐤ
  • ᒫᑎᐧᐋᐧᐃᓂᔩᐤ
  • ᒋᔅᑰᑎᒫᒑᐧᐃᓂᔨᐤ


ᑭᑎ  ᐊᐱᐦᐄᔅᑖᐤ  ᒫᒃ  ᒐ  ᐐᐦᐋᑰᒡ  ᒑ  ᒦᔅᑰᑎᔅᑯᐧᐋᑦ  ᐅᒋᒫᐦᑲᓂᔅ,  ᒋᔖᐲᓯᒽ 26, 2018


ᓂᑳᓐ  ᒑ ᒥᓯᓂᐦᐅᓲᓈᓅᒡ,  ᒥᒋᓯᐤ ᐲᓯᒽ 7, 2018


ᒋᒋᐧᐦᐋ  ᒑ ᒥᓯᓂᐦᐅᓲᓈᓅᒡ,  ᒥᒋᓯᐤ ᐲᓯᒽ, 14, 2018


ᐋᔫ  ᒫᒃ  ᐊᔥᒋ  ᒋᑭ  ᐧᐄᐋᐦᑭᓄᐧᐃᒡ  ᑭᔮᐦ  ᒑ  ᐅᔮᔨᒫᑭᓂᐧᐃᒡ   ᒑᐃᔅᑖᐱᑦ  ᓂᑑᐦᑯᐃᓐ/ᒥᔪᐱᒫᑎᓯᐧᐃᓐ ᐊᐱᑎᓯᐧᐃᓂᔨᐤ ᑳ ᒫᒧᐧᐃᔅᑎᐦᒡ   ᑭᔮᐦ  ᐊᓂᒌ  ᐄᔨᔨᐤ ᑎᐹᐦᔨᒋᒑᓯᐤ  ᔓᔮᓐ  ᑳ ᒫᒨᐧᐃᔅᑐᐧᐋᒡ  ᓂᔓ  (2)  ᑎᐦᑐ ᑭᑎ ᐅᑎᓈᑭᓂᐧᐃᒡ᙮


For further information concerning the nominations and elections, contact…


ᐋᑎᑎᐤ  ᒫᒃ  ᐧᐃᐦ  ᒌᔅᒑᔨᐦᑎᒥᓈ  ᒑᐧᑳᓐ  ᒑ  ᐋᔨᒥᐦᐄᑦ,




Frances George

Corporate Secretary


Phone: 819-929-3384 ex: 238

Official WFN Press Release. February 13th 2018

Update on the Class Action for Federal Day Scholars

February 16, 2016

Back in June 23rd of 2015, the Whapmagoostui First Nation Council agreed to file a Class Action against the Federal Government on behalf of those that attended the Federal Day School, their Descendants and the Band.

The journey has begun.  Up to date, we have had about 70 people that have come forward to expose the Truth!  Certification of the action will be the first step in the process. Anyone who wishes to come forward is encouraged to share their story with legal counsel or can speak to the Director of Public Health who can forward your story to the legal counsel.

Historically, the primary objective of the Federal Government was to bring harm and shame to the Nation by attacking the source of our pride and strength; the family.  Many children were forced to attend the Day School and families were punished if they opted not to allow their children to attend.  Many students were sexually, physically and verbally abused at the hands of the teachers and staff. All of the students were treated in a manner to make them feel bad about themselves and their identity.

The physical and emotional trauma has taken a toll on our community.  Former students and family members chose not to talk about it because of fear of reprimand from the Government and its agencies, and in many cases, the Church, because of a misplaced sense of guilt and shame.

The overarching government policy continues to impact on members, families and the community.  Today, the constant and continuous rise of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, prescription drug abuse and lateral violence is a clear indication of the harms the Government has caused.   People continued the cycle of abuse on the children today because they saw it as a norm in light of what was done to them.  The community sees its members dealing with mental and physical illness.  If you are not abusing alcohol or drugs, you resort to violence; physical or verbal.  All the health complications we are experiencing are a direct result to colonizing the Indian.

Stanley George


MINNIE’S HOPE social PEDIATRIC center January 26, 2016 Recognizing the fact that our “twin communities” encounter many social challenges and the urgent need to expand our resources and services to address the matters at hand, the WFN Council at its meeting on January 13, 2016, voted and agreed to house the very first Social Pediatrics Center in an Indigenous Community in Canada. As a major partner, the WFN Council recognizes the importance of having such a facility that will provide much needed programs, services and projects to families and children that are most vulnerable. Along with local Health Care professionals, WFN is proud to highlight that the best asset a Community has, is its own people. Together, in harmony, we will tackle the issues and challenges one step at a time. An existing 4200 square foot facility that has 10 rooms, a kitchen, a common area, a conference room and an office space will serve to house the center that is within Whapmagoostui First Nation. Working together with all local organizations, Whapmagoostui and Kuujjuuarapik, along with Doctor Johanne Morel, we move forward and continue to strive to building a prosperous Community. Minnie’s Hope of Social Pediatrics Center is truly a milestone.

Stanley George


Happy New Year! On January 6, 2016, the WFN Council approved to extend their many existing services it already provides to the members of the Whapmagoostui First Nation by allowing the public to use its existing gas service outlet at the WFN Garage. As an extended courtesy, the Gasoline Program will deliver meaningful support to individuals and families that continue sustain themselves through hunting, fishing and other traditional activities.  The WFN Band Corporation will absorb the 3 out of 4 taxes that have been included in the fuel when purchased at the local Co-op.  By waiving off the GST, PST and PFT, the price of fuel is reduced by 0.38 cents, well below the retail price at the Co-op store which sells at $1.90 per liter. To all individuals that are registered Band Members and are CTA Card holders, please enjoy the services.  The cost of Gas is $1.52 per liter at the WFN Garage.  Our Local Cree Trappers Association will be administering the program until March 31, 2016 and will determine future operation.  This service is a non-profit and non-commercial service exclusive to Whapmagoostui Eeyouch. In prayers and positive thoughts, I remain, Chief Stanley George

Stanley George


June 23, 2015 Class action against Federal and Provincial Governments : Great Whale River Federal Day-School from 1955 to 1978 Read the article here

Stanley George


June 04, 2015 Open letter to the Nation magazine Read the article here

Stanley George